ACIL Allen Evaluation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education Action Plan 2010–2014

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Action Plan 2010 – 14 (Action Plan) comprised 55 actions to ‘assist education providers to accelerate improvements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educational outcomes and contribute to the achievement of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) closing the gap targets’'. It was developed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  students at national, systemic and local levels.

ACIL Allen Consulting, in collaboration with PhillipsKPA and Professor Mark Rose from La Trobe University, monitored implementation and outcomes associated with the Action Plan through a longitudinal evaluation conducted across three years — 2011 (phase one), 2012 (phase two) and 2013 (phase three). 

Final Evaluation Report

Data Appendices for the Final Evaluation Report